I am continuing to think about my plans for the MA show which have changed considerably in recent weeks from the mirrored room idea to the display of screen prints and text messages. I understand, though, from guidance from a tutor that this is to be expected as a result of moving into the larger space. But I am very concerned that my thoughts regarding printing on the floor and putting vinyl messages on the wall are too ambitious. They will definitely be very time- consuming and I am keen to have everything in order for the hand-in time without causing myself too much stress at the last minute with the practical work. I do, however, feel confident that I have plenty of work to show and that it is strong. This is exactly what one particular tutor said to me last week so I am keeping these comments at the front of my mind. I also have lots and lots of experimental work to show, from the large A2 screen prints which didn’t work to the old lap-top covered in tarnished silver leaf. I also have three new signs on X-frames, two of which refer to the recent contradictory advice regarding finishing courses of antibiotics and as such will be displayed in my space, and one which has been designed to lead people to this space by promoting my work in Room RO3. (There does seem to be some confusion amongst the students as to what the room number actually is but Andrea sent me a floor plan of Room RO3 with my space highlighted so  Room RO3 is what I’ve gone with for the sign. I am also wondering how to use the tee-shirts and metal Office for Global Improvement badges which I have had made.

I have also explained to my tutor that I will need a practice run with TurnItIn as I have never used it before and have no idea how complicated it is nor how long it takes. I believe it does give you some kind of ‘score’ indicating what percentage of the text consists of quotes or could be plagiarised. I need to check before the 22nd what my score is so that I can adjust the text if necessary.