The MA show is coming up fast and I have had lots of options and advice on curation and display methodology.  I think that I have now resolved this into:

Rear wall: to feature the screen prints already made and some more, in different colours and sizes, to be produced this week. The prints will be trimmed and arranged either tessellated or in a more random manner to mimic fly-posting.

The side wall: covered with photographs of the car stickers taken all over the country, the prints ‘fly posted’ in the real world; and people wearing the Office for Global Improvement badges and T shirts which I will pick up tomorrow. This is a scan of the metal badges which have come out well.




The floor: possibly either custom-made fabric, printed with some of the digitised screen prints; or vinyl or linoleum flooring printed the same way. The final decision will be governed by both aesthetics and cost.

A table to hold the T-shirts, car stickers, badges and (maybe) questionnaires. Maybe this should be in the space allotted – or maybe in the main foyer if this wold be permitted. I like the idea of issuing people with badges as the come into the exhibition – maybe I could even get them to fill in a short questionnaire about their response to the project and their views on fake news and over zealous advice. These responses could well form the basis of another tranche of work post graduation.

Another thought was to take some of the screen prints and have them digitally printed on either fabric or wallpaper. I’m favouring fabric as I do not have wall space to spare and the wallpaper would not last long on the floor. Fabric, however, could be draped from, say, a dowel attached to the studio ceiling, and either attached to the floor in a similar way, or tied, or draped. This appeals to me and I’m following it up. I’ve included these developments in the documentation I sent to the University tonight. I will talk tomorrow to consultants at as this company seems to offer a plethora of options. They also have experience of installing printed materials in galleries.

I need to measure the room either tomorrow or Tuesday as we have not been given dimensions – only a sketch of the proposed layout of the show. According to the promises made on various digital printing websites, however, it seems that turnaround can be quick- two or three days from receiving the order so whichever I settle on- fabric or wallpaper – provided it’s this week I should have the material in time for the show.


Some of the dozens of screen prints I’ve produced recently.


Having talked to the technician today I have decided that the best way to fix the prints to the wall is by using special magnets and either screws sunk into the wall or steel whalebone. Following advice from the last tutorial I will aim to tessellate the prints so that they seem to bombard the viewer – which is what I want to achieve. I may also investigate turning some of the digitised versions into large format prints – I’m considering giclee – as this has also been suggested.